Hire Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made between Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited, whose registered address is Unit 1, Meriden Works, Birmingham Road, CV5 9AZ, and the person(s) signing their acceptance of the terms within.

Please read through all the terms and conditions carefully. You can contact us in relation to this hire policy by writing to us at the above address.


A ‘rental agreement’ is the document read and signed by the customer on collection and return of the company’s vehicle. Signing the rental agreement document forms a contract between the customer and Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd.

This document includes wording as ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘hirer’, ‘driver(s)’, ‘yourself’ which refers to the person or people hiring the campervan.

The campervan or ‘vehicle’ means the vehicle under hire and includes the engine, tyres, accessories, living equipment, bed, seats, and any other specific equipment.

Hire Bookings

Bookings are a minimum of three nights with a minimum of 7 nights during holiday season.

On completion of the rental agreement, terms and conditions will also be agreed.

The campervan hire booking form must be completed with a security deposit of £500.00.

The deposit payment confirms your acceptance to hire our vehicle which will be covered by our specified insurers, and upon receipt of emailed confirmation from us this contract shall have effect.

The hire charge is due in two stages, 50% of the total hire fee is due 3 months before the start of the rental period, following that the remaining balance will be due 8 weeks before the rental period. If a booking is made within less than 3 months of the hire period, then full payment will be required on the day of booking.

Vehicles will not be released until full payments are made.

You agree to pay Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited any additional costs over and above the security deposit value should damage exceed this amount within 28 days of your hire. You irrevocably authorise Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd to deduct from the security deposit amounts due to Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd arising out of this agreement.

Security deposits will be refunded on return of the hired vehicle, providing that the vehicle is returned in the same condition that it was hired in. You will be given opportunity at the beginning of the hire to confirm the state of the vehicle to which returned condition will be expected. A credit card is required in order to hire the van and in the unlikely event of damage caused that exceeds the amount of the deposit, we have the right to charge the credit card for said amount.

Refunds by credit card, including security deposit refunds, can take up to 28 days.

Payment is only accepted by credit cards (visa or Mastercard) or debit cards (visa, debit or UK Maestro).

All rights are reserved by us to refuse any hire if in our reasonable opinion you are not suitable to take possession of the vehicle and we do not need to state the reason for this. We take no responsibility for any detention, delay, loss, damage that you might experience, unless caused by our negligence.

You will be shown how to use the vehicle and what expectations that we have as to its intended use.

All drivers must be present for collection of the campervan. No exceptions can be made. All drivers must provide two separate forms of photographic identification on collection of the vehicle otherwise hire will be invalidated i.e. a valid passport and driving licence.


In the event of a cancellation the following applies:

Cancellations on or before 80 days before the start of the rental period – 25% of the hire fee will be payable.

Cancellations on or before 70 days before the start of the rental period – 50% of the hire fee will be payable.

Cancellations on or before 30 days before the start of the rental period – 100% of the hire fee will be payable.

If you change your booking date, we will only honour booking deposits for a period of 1 year from the receipt after which time the booking deposit is forfeited and this will not be returned to you. This can only be changed twice, and our cancellation notice above still applies.


Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited provides fully comprehensive insurance to those named on the rental agreement only and those named are the only people insured to drive the vehicle.

A copy of your driver’s licence will need to be sent to our company email address

(info@coast2coastcampers.co.uk) at least 7 days before your hire period.

By signing this agreement, you are also confirming that you will have answered the questions truthfully, supplying all required information.

Driving Licence, Health & History

Drivers must be over 25 years of age and under 79, in good health and hold a UK driving licence.

Drivers should have no mental or physical disabilities which would interfere with their ability to drive, for example stroke/deafness/heart condition/diabetes/loss of limb/loss of sight in an eye/epilepsy. In addition, you must not be taking drugs likely to affect your driving or drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner for treatment of drug addiction.

You will need to have held a UK driving licence for at least 2 years or a European Union licence for at least 2 years. We will require the driving licence numbers and other identification information for all those who intend to drive, when a booking is made. We will need to see the driving licenses for all named drivers, plus two other forms of identification such a passport and a recent utility bill, dated within the last 90 days of your hire period, prior to the collection of the vehicle. These must be original photo cards. The proofs of address must have the same address as present on the driving licence.

The vehicle must only be driven by you or any other person who has been authorised by us, for whom you have provided the driving licence and personal identification information. Failure to provide accurate information may invalidate the insurance and render you liable for all losses however sustained, including claims by third parties. The rental agreement will be held for up to 2 years following the hire period.

You warrant that all information supplied to us in relation to this agreement is true and complete. You must also inform of us of any changes from the point of booking up until after the return of the vehicle, including but not limited to the number of points on a drivers licence.

You must not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs or on any medication that advises against or that causes drowsiness.

You agree to return the vehicle to us in the same condition as you rented it, subject to expected wear and tear, with the same documents, parts and accessories, at the location and on the date and time agreed. Failure to do so may result in further charges applied. Collection & Return

Collection time is between 14:00 and 15:00 on the date of hire. Exact time will be provided at the point of booking. Return time is between 10:00 am 11:00 am.

On arrival of collecting the hire van please ensure you allow at least half an hour for us to show you around the van, go through the specifics of how to operate all the features within the van and describe how the vehicle is to be used.

We may also need to go through any last-minute paperwork.

Vehicles are to be returned within the agreed time and can only be returned outside our normal business hours via prior agreement with us. No refund is given for early return of the vehicle.

At Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited we make every effort to ensure that your campervan is ready for collection on time, however, during busy periods, there may be some delays which are out of our control. If this is the case, no refunds will be due to you and no extension to your hire can be added, the campervan will still need to be returned at the agreement time set in the rental agreement.

Late Return

If the vehicle is returned to the premises any later than original agreed time then charges will apply at a minimum cost of one full day’s rental charge regardless of circumstances. Should the late return of the vehicle make us liable for extra costs to other customers, we reserve the right to pass on these costs to you. By signing this document, you agree to us making such deductions.


Should the vehicle return and require more than our standard cleaning procedure you will be charged these additional costs to restore the vehicle to its pre-rental condition. If the vehicle is returned showing evidence of animals being present in the vehicle, this will also incur a deep cleaning charge of £150.00.

If any damage occurs to the upholstery or the need for deep cleaning due to heavy soilage, this will also incur a charge which will be individually evaluated.


We can provide extras, as detailed on the booking form, and these are priced accordingly. If these items are missing or damaged, we also have the right to charge you for replacements.

Engine Care

If any damage to the engine is caused by customer’s own actions, you will be liable for the cost of repair. This would include putting incorrect fuel into vehicle or driving too hard putting the engine under extreme load, driving too fast or ignoring warning lights. You are expected to take all reasonable steps to properly maintain the vehicle including checking tyre pressures and batteries every 500 miles. You must report to Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited as soon as possible if a warning indication light is illuminated. You agree to maintain the Vehicle to these conditions and acknowledge that any mechanical damage occurred as a result of your failure to maintain the vehicle in accordance with this clause must be paid by the hirer.


You will ensure that the tyres are not damaged before hire and ensure that the wear is legal. During your hire period, if tyres and/or wheels are damaged, the cost for refurbishment will be required.

Health & Safety

You must follow the health and safety guidelines when operating and using any equipment  ithe  campervan.  The  guidelines  cabfound  ithe  campervan handbook.

Use of Appliances

Please use caution when using appliances.

Please ensure that the gas cylinder is attached correctly, as shown, and that the gas is turned off when not in use. The renter must not leave naked flames including the hob unattended when on. You must also ensure that the diesel heater, all appliances, the pump and the gas cylinder are turned off when driving and that the front swivel seat is turned in the correct position before travelling, this includes driving on private land such as campsites and if these conditions are breached, we will not be held responsible for any injury caused. The hirer must also ensure that the roof is secured before driving, this also includes driving on private land. Any damage caused as a result of not following these guidelines will be classed as negligence and you will be liable for repair costs involved.

The fridge can be used whilst driving, however, please ensure that it is powered by the leisure battery as described in the handbook, not set to the van battery as this would drain the vehicle battery resulting in a potential unnecessary breakdown.

Seat Belts, Boosters & Baby Seats

The bed system has Isofix provided, however, we do not take responsibility with how the car seats are fitted into the vehicle. You can obtain advice on correct fitting from your car seat provider.

You are legally responsible for ensuring that appropriate car seats are used.

Extent of Hire

The vans can be driven anywhere in the UK including Wales & Scotland. A period of hire cannot exceed three months.

In the case of winter hire, Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited cannot be held responsible in the event of any damage or inconveniences caused by freezing conditions. This is the responsibility of the hirer.

Prohibited use of Hire

Prohibited use of the vehicle is based on both the safety of the hirers and the preservation of our campervans.

Prohibited use includes, but may not be limited to:

  • For carrying persons for hire, gain or reward.
  • To carry any inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials.
  • For using the vehicle for a purpose of which it is not designed including racing or driving in a dangerous or reckless manner.
  • For carrying illegal substances or product either for commercial purposes, financial gain, or delivery of such goods.
  • For driving the vehicle in an unsafe manner or on a unroadworthy condition.
  • For driving the vehicle on unsealed and non-public roads.
  • Leaving with the ignition key in or on the vehicle or unlocked while it is unoccupied.
  • Submersion in water or in contact with saltwater.

If the vehicle is used as above, you have breached the terms and conditions of hire and are liable for cots involved to repair or replace the campervan.

Mileage limited to 800 miles for up to 7-night1600 for stays longer than 7 nights - Additional mileage chargeable at 50p per mile.


On collection the fuel tank will be full and must be returned to us full. An administration charge of £20.00 plus the cost of the missing fuel will be charged to you or invoiced if the van is missing fuel.

Please check if the vehicle is diesel or petrol before you take the vehicle away. Your security deposit will be used to re-fuel the vehicle if required.

Use of Barbecues

You can use a barbecue if this is agreed by the site or land at which you are staying, however, please keep at a distance of 3 metres from the van or awning when used and dispose of the barbecue correctly.

We do not provide barbecues. Smoking

Smoking, including E cigarettes/vapers, is strictly prohibited in or within 5 metres of the Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited vehicles and a penalty fee of £500.00 will be imposed for smoking inside the vehicle to cover the costs of sanitizing and cleaning. If damage including ash or burns occur, this additional repair cost will be individually charged.

Drinking Water

We will not be responsible for the cleanliness of drinking water obtained from campsites. The water stored in the van is not drinking water therefore we strongly suggest that you drink bottled water.


If the vehicles keys are lost or damaged you will be liable for the costs of replacing the keys and any cost associated with getting a new set of keys to you during your hire period.

Your Car

If during your hire period , it is agreed that you may park your car on our premises, this will be at your own risk. The premises are secured; however, we do not take any responsibility for loss of or damage to your car.

You may also be liable for informing your insurance company of your vehicles location.


Your van  has 24-hour breakdown  recovery.  In  the unlikely event of a  breakdown, recovery or repair service will be provided by AA Breakdown service. If they cannot

repair the problem, you will be recovered back to a linked body shop associated with Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited.

If repairs are undertaken and if you must make any payments, we will refund up to the price of £100.00 If the bill is more than this, you will need prior authorisation from us. This refund will only be given if you are not found to be at fault.

During a breakdown or loss of use of the campervan, our liability extends to either replacing your campervan with a similar one or refunding your hire charge for any days you lose the total use of the vehicle. A replacement camper may be offered subject to availability. If the breakdown is caused by negligence, you will be responsible for any recovery costs or repairs incurred and you will not be refunded for the hire time lost.

Should your rental be disrupted by a mechanical breakdown/campervan system malfunction (which does not extend to accident or damaged caused by you), for more than 48 hours after reporting to Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of the gross nightly rental rate for each night affected until the problem is rectified.

If the campervan must be recovered, you must hand over the keys to the recovery driver and not abandon the campervan. If you abandon the camper, you will be liable for the costs of getting the vehicle back to Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd plus any damage caused to the van as a result of being left.

Accidents, Theft & Vandalism

You must report any traffic accidents to us and also the police, reporting any damage. You must not admit fault or settle any claims yourself. If possible, please take names, registration numbers and insurance details of the other party involved in the accident. Please note the exact time of the accident and location and where possible.

Please take photographs of the scene.

Ensure that you are in a safe position and do not move the vehicle unless you have been informed by us and the police that it is safe to do so.

If the campervan is vandalised or scratched, please note times observed and take photographs of where it happened if known. This also must be reported to Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd immediately.

Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd will endeavour to ensure that any money due back to you is released as quickly as possible, however third-party claims can take varying amounts of time to resolve. Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd cannot quicken up the process as the handling of these claims is left up to Coast 2 Coast Campers Limited’s insurers.

Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd is entitled to withhold the security deposit, until your liability and the amount of damage or loss has been finally determined.

Your Liabilities

You are personally responsible for speeding fines, parking tickets etc. if incurred during your hire period. You will also be liable for damage caused to third parties as a result of negligence. This includes if a cycle rack or awning damages a third party  or their property.

You must use the campervan and its contents in the way explained to you and a handbook is provided to you to explain its use. You must use the campervan and its contents responsibly and must follow instructions given, where instructions are not provided, you must assume that ‘normal’ and ‘common sense’ rules apply.

You must only carry passengers that have allocated seatbelts. If additional passengers travel in the campervan, you will have breached the terms and conditions and we do not take responsibility for any accidents or injury caused as a result of this malpractice or rental period of hire lost as a result.

If there is damage caused to external parts including awnings or rails as a result of negligence, you will be liable for the cost of replacement. If these are damaged as a result of an accident, it must be reported to us at the time and again times noted, and photographs taken. If no direct instructions are given, it is assumed that common sense’ is used, however, you can access advice and support at any time if you are unsure how to use an item. It is expected that you do not operate equipment until you have checked how to use it.

You must operate the raising of the roof or bed particularly as shown and in line with supporting information given.

You are liable for damage above cab height.

You are fully responsible for damage caused by failure to assess the height of the van and striking overhanging objects and subsequent damage to third parties and their property. You have a duty to report any damage to Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd. This also includes any damage of the undercarriage of the vehicle and is classed as gross negligence. In these cases, you shall be liable for the full amount of damages. You shall be liable to Coast 2 Coast Campers Ltd for an amount commensurate to the severity of the negligence, up to and including the full amount of the loss.

The burden of proof that negligence has not occurred lies with the hirer.

Our Liability

We are only liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or member of your party if loss or damage is due to our negligence. This will be explained to you prior to hire as part of the insurance.

Subject to our obligation to deliver the vehicle, campervan or an appropriate substitute vehicle, you release us, from any liability to you (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss or damage incurred by you by reason of this agreement, including but not limited to:

  • Any loss or damage caused by breakdown, mechanical defect, accident or the vehicle being unsuitable for your purpose.
  • Any loss or damage to any property left in or on the campervan,
  • Subject to any insurance arrangements agreed with us, you agree to indemnify and keep indemnified us, our employees and agents against any claims, demands and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by us by reason of your use and/or possession of the campervan.

Breaches of terms and conditions

If you breach the terms and conditions as set out above, we have the right to cancel your booking without notification

If you are already in the van, we may require you to leave the van immediately.

If you breach the terms of conditions, you will not be refunded for your hire period and you will be liable for costs incurred in returning the campervan to us.

Privacy policy

We will collect personal information from you when booking such as name, address, email address and contact telephone number to book the campervan and required insurance.

We will only share identity information with our insurance company as required. A copy of our privacy policy is available on request.

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